Anomaly Science

We're Anomaly Science; a blockchain startup lowering the level of entry to software development. To do this, we run a system of semi-autonomous projects called Particles.

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What are particles?

Particles are semi-autonomous projects containing two main components. These components give the Particle its functionality.

Smart Contract

A Particle's smart contract its the backbone. The smart contract includes legal agreements that determine the exact status and functionality of the Particle, including how it is managed, where the revenue goes, and assignment of liability. The smart contract also assigns intellectual property rights, and create a token supply.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights are tokenized, simplifying the licensing process. For developers, this means a direct stake in everything they build.

What are particles?

There are three types of Particles, specializing in different areas and opening up new opportunities for innovation.

Repository Particle

Repository Particles give developers greater flexibility by offering them a copyright license backed by a smart contract. Developers can customize the terms of their license, with all terms being enforced by the smart contract. This process tokenizes licenses, allowing them to be freely traded between individuals, and bridges a gap between open-source and closed-source software by allowing the developer to implement different levels of protection or seek royalties for different use of their work. Altogether, this allows for the creation of hybrid-source codebases.

Standard Particle

Standard Particles take the intellectual property management system of Repository Particles and move to the next level. Greater flexibility is allowed for the tokenization of intellectual property rights, and support for teams is included. Standard Particles also have an associated token supply, enabling the trading of Particle tokens as a method to raise capital and distribute ownership of their work.

DAO Particle

The DAO Particle is providing a framework for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations to work off of. A barrier DAOs face is the legal recognition of their entity type, with many governments and regulators only recognizing traditional hierarchal entity types. We fix this by enabling DAOs to engage in business through us.

About Us

Anomaly Science is a distributed Blockchain startup, based out of Cincinnati, OH.

Born at a strange time...

The foundation for Anomaly Science emerged in March of 2020. Two teenage hackers were looking forward to attending a hackathon during spring break, but their plans were shattered when tragedy struck. The event had been canceled due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still wanting to build their project, the pair continued forward forming a company as an alternative.

Endings and New Beginnings

The pair quickly discovered that running a company was hard, especially at such a young age. Both had other project ideas they wished to work on, and lacked much of the essential knowledge for running a business. This, among other things, took a toll on the pair's friendship, leading to a rift. Eventually, the two went their separate ways, with the fate of the company belonging to one of the partners, our founder, Jacob Haap. Reflecting on their past issues, he noticed a huge problem. Many people with great ideas do not have the skills to make them happen on their own, and the task of assembling a team and starting a company would be discouraging to many, leading to many potentially great ideas never seeing the light of day. From here, Jacob rebranded the company as Anomaly Science and set out on a journey to solve the problem, bringing forth the concept of Particles.


Reach out to us if you’re interested in anything we’re doing. We're currently in early development phases, and would love to hear from you. If you're a developer looking for work, interested and want updates nearing launch, or an interested investor, please send us an email at and a team member will be in touch shortly.

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